Best photocopy machine in kenya

Best photocopy machine in kenya

When searching for a photocopy/printing machine in kenya, you will be having specific requirements for that printer/photocopier.

The main question is whether you need a colour or a black and white photocopier. This is the major consideration. Though a colour printer also makes black and white prints, its usually prudent to use a colour machine if the majority of your work is colour, for example if you are in the business of printing posters, fliers, business cards etc.

Here we will be discussing only photocopiers with a maximum paper size of A3

If the majority of your work is black and white, especially in offices, go for a black and white photocopier so as to take advantage of lower cost per page.

So, which are the best colour and black and white printers/photocopiers?

We have been in the business of selling photocopiers for many years and the feedback from customers is clear. There are 2 winners in this contest

Best colour printer in kenya

The crown for the best colour photocopier goes to the Konica Minolta Bizhub series.
New units of these photocopiers are extremely expensive. The latest models can reach upto Kshs 1,000,000 in Kenya.
For this reason, the majority of customers prefer imported refurbished units, of which the most popular is Bizhub C220, Bizhub C280 and Bizhub C360.
This is due to the wide availability of spares and toners for these models. Technicians are also available to service these units.
The printing/copying speeds are 22,28 and 36 pages/minute respectively and the cost is Kshs 110,000, 115,000 and 120,000 respectively.
The printer uses TN-216 toners (K,C,M,Y). These are Black, Cyan, magenta and Yellow. The cost is 6,000 per colour.
These printers make stunning prints with full digital colour. Also, they can scan and copy as well.The cost of consumables is also affordable and widely available especially in Nairobi

Best black and white printer in Kenya

The crown for the best black and white refurbished printer in Kenya goes to Kyocera Taskalfa 300i photocopier. This 3 in one photocopier makes upto 30 pages per minute and has proven itself due to its reliability and lower maintenance requirements.
The printer uses TK -685 toner which has a capacity of 20,000 pages at 5% coverage.It has long lasting components and is heavy duty, with a total monthly duty cycle of 100,000 pages. This means it can make upto 100,000 pages every month without over burdening the machine
Ther cost is Kshs 95,000 and its compatible toner costs Kshs 5,000.


The above printers have proved their mettle in Kenya for may years. But one thing you may notice is despite the fact that they are refurbished, they are still not cheap, especially for small businesses. So the question that lingers is whether there are good cheaper black and white and colour ptinters. Good news is there is

Best cheap colour printer in Kenya

The best cheap colour printer is Ricoh MP C2051 and Ricoh MP C2551. These digital colour printers make 20 and 25 pages per minute respectively. With a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, they print excellent images and are relatively cheap to maintain.The cost of these units are Kshs 70,000 and Kshs 75,000 respectively
They use the Ricoh MP C2051 (K,C,M,Y) toners with Black having a yield of approximately 10,000 pages at 5% coverage and the colour ones having a yield of approximately 5,500 pages at 5% coverage.

Best cheap black and white printer in Kenya

The best cheap black and white printer is the popular Ricoh MP 2000 photocopier. This printer has been the staple of small businesses in Kenya for many years. Cheap to maintain and wide availability of spares and technicians have made this printer the no.1 choice for smaller businesses. The printer uses Ricoh 1230D toner which has a capacity of approximately 9,000 pages at 6% coverage and costs Kshs 1,500

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