Which is better for me ─ laser printer or inkjet printer?

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This decision is becoming more and more difficult with the immense range on offer. The market is full of various models and types with more or less functions, multifunctionals and costs ranging from cheap to overpriced.

The customer has to get a lot more information and is dependent on helpful offers.

First and foremost, a customer thinks of the price. Maintenance costs and the cost per printed page quickly add up. However, the quality of the printed product is also primarily important. Multifunction devices with fax and scanner are available. Laser printers with color toner and duplex unit for printing on both sides are conquering the market.

What do you have to pay attention to when purchasing a printer?

The advantages and disadvantages of the different types form an important basis for the decision to buy. It is easier to carefully consider which type is more suitable when you get an overview. We have listed here a summary of the significant advantages and disadvantages of both types of printer.

Inkjet printer

  • Inkjet printers are usually quite inexpensive to find on offer
  • Photos on special photo paper are brilliant, even the smallest details are printed out
  • a color page printed out costs between 3 and 10 cents
  • unfortunately they have a shortcoming for the occasional user.
  • If they are left unused for a long period of time, the ink dries up quickly
  • the print result will then be unsatisfactory with streaks and pale colors
  • The cleaning program via the printer for the clogged nozzles can help. A flushing process of the print head is carried out with the ink
  • Exchange for new cartridges as a last resort

Laser printer

  • A negative thing about toner devices is the release of toner particles via the cooler
  • Depending on the type, harmful substances are also released into the air
  • the ozone pollution caused by laser printers in unventilated rooms is dangerous, so ventilation must be provided
  • some manufacturers ensure that particulate matter pollution is minimized with unique filter units that can be attached to the devices
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What are the advantages of color laser printers over inkjet printers?

  • The fast printing time is outstanding
  • Photos are printed in one go, not line by line like an inkjet printer
  • Better durability when printing with toner is given because the toner particles are positioned with heat
  • less susceptibility to light exposure, skin exhalations, splashing water or saliva
  • no drying out if not used for a long time
  • no extra cleaning program required as with the printheads of the inkjet printer
  • the lower paper costs, because normal copy paper is sufficient for good quality printouts, fewer misprints occur if no nozzles can clog
  • With inkjet printers, graphics and images can only be printed on special paper
  • Laser printers are offered with duplex units that enable two-sided printing and thus save paper
  • the cost of a color print page can be 80% cheaper, depending on the manufacturer
  • The new generation of laser printers contains fewer particles and is therefore less polluting
  • The number of printed pages with a toner cartridge is rather low at 2500, depending on the model, up to 5000 pages are possible with an XXL cartridge
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What are the disadvantages of color laser printers compared to inkjet printers?

  • The higher acquisition costs for color laser printers are initially a deterrent, because an inexpensive printer of this type usually costs around 150 €
  • thus the purchase price is about twice as high as that of a simple inkjet printer
  • Multifunctional devices with scanners, copiers and fax machines with inkjet technology can be found in the same price range
  • a colored page costs between 12 and 19 cents
  • Photo quality has to be taken into account with compromises in graphics and images
  • however, a laser printer does not need expensive paper for photos and the quality of the printouts in color is outstandingly better than that of ink
  • the high power consumption must be taken into account
  • Depending on the print job, it can range from 100 W to over 400 W.
  • an inkjet printer also consumes a meager 20 W per print job
  • the background noise from the fan is higher and can be very annoying if it is located close to the user’s desk
  • The costs for toner cartridges are much higher than inkjet printer cartridges, but about 700 pages of color prints are possible
  • A newly purchased device usually comes with a starter cartridge that only prints a few 100 pages
  • Fine dust pollution from the toner particles is limited by the LGA guidelines
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Our conclusion on the decision to use a laser versus an inkjet printer

Ultimately, the customer decides for himself what he is really interested in. For occasional printouts in the home, a laser printer is more likely to pay for itself because the risk of drying out is relatively low. But multifunctional devices also have many advantages in one. No extra fax machine and no extra scanner on the desk at home also offers advantages. If you want to print a lot of photos, you have to prefer an inkjet printer because of the quality, because the little things are sometimes important in a photo.

The idea of ​​topping up the ink comes to the fore. This very inexpensive variant is certainly a good argument – if you are looking for high-quality and very inexpensive cartridges, you are in the right place in our shop. Get really good cartridges at a low price.

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