Troubleshooting common printer problems

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Printer problems

Regardless of whether you use a laser printer or an inkjet printer , it is especially annoying when the device goes on strike. Most of the time, you have to print something important and then the printer causes problems . We would like to give you the most important solutions on troubleshooting common printer problems

Common printer problems:

Printer pausedPrinter prints twice
Printer offlinePrinter smears
Printer prints stripsPrinter paused
Printer prints faintPrinter cartridge dried up
Printer prints blank pagesDelete the print queue
Printer does not printClear paper jam
Printer does not recognize tonerRemove the toner
Printer does not recognize printer cartridges
Printer does not pick up paper
Printer is not recognized
Cannot remove printer
Common printer problems
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Ink and toner

The most important consumables for inkjet printers include the appropriate printer cartridges . In return, the need laser printer their toner cartridges . If a printer is not working properly, the first thing to do is to see if a consumable needs to be replaced .

Here at FairToner you will find, for example, the original ink cartridges, original toner cartridges and compatible models for almost every inkjet and laser printer , with which you can print cheaply and safely . But even if you have installed new cartridges or cartridges, it is very possible that your printer does not respond.

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Connection and paper supply:

Of course, your printer must be connected to the 230 volt power supply. You can tell whether the power supply is OK by the fact that the status indicator and the display light up . You should also check immediately whether there is enough printer paper left in the paper cassette or in the printer’s rear input tray .

When you have ruled out these errors, you still need to check the connection to your PC . Nowadays, inkjet and laser printers can be connected to a PC using a USB connection cable. For older devices , there is the Centronics interface , a parallel printer connection .

It is also possible that many printers can be wirelessly integrated into a WiFi network via WiFi . The advantage of this is that you can access the printer from anywhere. A particularly secure connection is the USB cable is. If a wirelessly-powered printer does not function properly, then simply use a USB cable. This can be used to test whether the printer is working properly at all . Otherwise the problem may be in the WLAN connection .

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Software and driver problems

If the printer no longer prints properly, there may be a problem with the communication between the PC and the printer . The printer driver is usually responsible for this. This can always be seen if, for example , you have sent a print job to your inkjet printer or laser printer and there is no print result .

It is quite annoying when the printer does not respond.¬†This can actually be caused by¬†outdated printer drivers¬†.¬†On the¬†manufacturer’s¬†website of¬†the printer provider you will usually find a point with which you¬†can download and install¬†the¬†latest printer drivers¬†for your inkjet or laser¬†printer¬†.¬†As a rule, these drivers are available¬†free of charge¬†.¬†Some providers require you to¬†enter the printer’s¬†service number¬†.¬†

You can also use the control panel of your operating system to find out whether the installed driver is causing problems . In Windows you have to go to the device manager and to your installed printer . All further information on the installed driver can be found under the tab Printer Driver.

In addition to the printer driver, the application software can also cause problems. Word processors, spreadsheets and graphics programs have internal interfaces that access the installed printer driver . This is the only way to ensure that you can, for example, print your photos and graphics perfectly using an Adobe or Corel image processing program. It may well be the case that the print job does not get to the printer . In some cases it can be worthwhile to uninstall the relevant application program and then reinstall the current version. You see, printer problems can have a few causes, but many of these printer problems are also easy to solve.

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