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Help – my printer is printing strips

If you use an inkjet printer or laser printer , always assume that the print image will be razor-sharp and not streaky. However, streaks may appear on printouts from time to time . This is mostly in inkjets to defective ink , clogged print nozzles or laser printers to lack of toner cartridges due.

These problems cannot always be avoided when printing . If the cause can be found in the consumables, you should consider whether changing them might not help. In this case you can order the required consumables , such as ink and toner cartridges , for your inkjet printer or color laser printer at reasonable prices here at Copiac .

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How do these pressure disorders manifest themselves?

This printing problem often occurs unexpectedly in the middle of the printout or after installing new printer or toner cartridges. The following scenarios can occur:

  • Printer prints stripes despite cleaning
  • Printer prints stripes on photos
  • Printer prints black stripes on the edge
  • Printer prints blue stripes
  • Printer prints yellow stripes
  • Printer prints green stripes
  • Printer prints purple stripes
  • Printer prints red stripes
  • Printer prints colorful stripes
  • Printer prints white streaks
  • Printer prints vertical stripes
  • Printer prints vertical stripes
  • Printer prints horizontal stripes

These causes are discussed in more detail below, distinguishing between inkjet and laser printers .

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The inkjet printer prints strips

Basically, it doesn’t matter whether you use an HP printer, Brother printer, Canon printer, Epson printer or another¬†brand manufacturer¬†as the inkjet printer.¬†They always assume that the system is working properly.¬†Inkjet printers and the corresponding multifunction devices use either¬†single ink cartridges¬†or so-called¬†print heads¬†.¬†In the latter, the pressure nozzles are located instead of the actual ink outlet.¬†With the color¬†print heads¬†, the¬†three basic colors cyan, magenta and yellow are¬†housed in a cartridge housing.¬†The advantage is that¬†after every¬†cartridge change¬†you also¬†have new pressure nozzles, so get a completely new printhead.¬†Actually, the¬†print quality should¬†therefore always be the same.

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That is why strips are printed out

The printheads of inkjet printers usually consist of¬†two rows of many small print nozzles¬†.¬†These ensure an¬†optimal print image¬†.¬†If you haven’t used your inkjet printer for a long time, the¬†print nozzles on the printhead may have dried out¬†.¬†This inevitably leads to¬†clogging¬†.¬†Since not all printing nozzles always dry out at the same time, the printing ink only reaches the paper through the free nozzles.¬†The result is a¬†streaky printout¬†.

However, the ink itself can also lead to a strip print. Many non-name manufacturers offer cheap ink cartridges whose ink is not optimally aligned with the printer. In some cases, too thick pigment ink is used, which clogs the print nozzles on the print head . No pressure nozzle cleaning helps here either, as thick ink simply does not fit through the nozzles and would clog them again and again.

We advise you to replace these printer cartridges . Here at Copiac, you can get original printer cartridges for your inkjet printer as well as compatible inks that are precisely tailored to your printer . However, a dusty environment , for example in a workshop, can also lead to a streaky printout from an inkjet. Many printers print streaks even after a paper jam. In this case, fine paper dust can adhere to the print nozzles and cause printing problems.

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Cleaning the printhead often helps

To clean dried-on print nozzles again , it is best to clean the print head . You can do this with most inkjet printers as follows :

  1. Open the window of the control panel of your computer. 
    2. Display the installed devices and printers. 
    3. Select your printer with the right mouse button. 
    4. You will now get to the properties of your printer. 
    5. Here you will also find the Maintenance tab.
    6. There you go to cleaning or intensive cleaning. 
    7. If necessary, carry out this cleaning several times. 

As a rule, this pressure disruption can be remedied by intensive cleaning. During such cleaning, the printing ink is pressed out of the cartridge several times through the printing nozzles until they are clean. Please note, however, that this will use up the printer cartridges more quickly .

As a replacement, we would therefore like to recommend our compatible ink cartridges , which are much cheaper than the originals. After you have cleaned the print nozzles, you must then print out a test page . Based on the print and typeface, you can see whether the inkjet printer is printing properly and streak-free again .

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Manually clean the printhead

If you have tried repeatedly using the printing program to clean the print nozzles and the result is still unsatisfactory, you should clean the print head manually . You should be extremely careful here . First take the ink cartridges out of the printhead and place them on a few layers of newspaper. Depending on the printer model, the printhead can be removed. You can already see the fine pressure nozzles on the underside . In many cases, you can also clearly see the dirt here . Now take a slightly moistened cotton swab or a lint-free clothand dab on the affected areas. Do not apply excessive pressure here. Likewise, you should rather dab it than wipe it with the cloth . It is important that the dried crusts of paint on the pressure nozzles loosen.

It is best to use¬†lukewarm water¬†to loosen the paint.¬†You should avoid solvents.¬†After the print nozzles are clean, you need to install the¬†print¬†cartridges¬†and¬†print¬†a¬†test page¬†.¬†Don’t be surprised if the first few prints look slightly smeared or watery.¬†After all, after such manual cleaning there are still¬†some water droplets¬†on the pressure nozzles.¬†This cleaning process is also suitable for the¬†ink cartridges with integrated print nozzles¬†.¬†These printheads are¬†easier to remove from the printer.¬†You just have to make sure that the printing ink does not accidentally leak during the cleaning process.

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Clean pressure nozzles with alcohol

If such a cleaning operation does not work and the printer is still printing stripes, you can use cleaning alcohol . This is available in pharmacies, for example . A kitchen towel is soaked with this alcohol . Put the cloth in a bowl. Then place the removed print head or the printer cartridge with print nozzles with the underside on this soaked alcohol wipe. Let the components stand overnight . The next day, you can reinstall the printhead or cartridges and print a test page . In most cases, such a cleanup is successful.

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A warm water bath can help

Dried-up print heads or printer cartridges can also be restarted with a warm water bath . There are two methods of doing this:

  • Place the print head or cartridge in a bowl of around 60 degrees warm water for 30 seconds.
  • The pressure nozzles must be covered by the water.
  • After the incrustations have loosened, the nozzles must be carefully dried with a cloth.

Another method is:

  • The printhead or cartridge are placed in a waterproof plastic bag.
  • The bag is placed in a 60 degree water bath.
  • After about 5 minutes the bag is removed from the water and the cartridge or print head is removed from the bag.

After a test print it can be determined whether the respective method was successful. Manual cleaning does not always lead to the desired success. Here, too, it is quite possible that the nozzles are irretrievably clogged and thus the inkjet printer has also become unusable. If it is only due to the printer cartridges, you can simply replace them with new ones .

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Use different paper

A strip print can also be caused by using the wrong printer paper . For example, rough paper will result in strip printing. Always use high quality printer paper for your printouts.

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Use new printer cartridges

If none of the above measures do not help and the printhead is not faulty, you may have to replace the printer cartridge with a new one . So take advantage of the opportunity to order cheap original or compatible printer cartridges here at FaiToner .

When using our¬†compatible versions¬†, the¬†manufacturer’s guarantee is¬†retained.¬†We also give you a¬†guarantee of up to 7 years¬†on our products¬†.¬†These ink cartridges and also ink tanks and print heads are available from us for almost every inkjet printer.¬†If, for whatever reason, something is wrong with it, you have a¬†365-day money-back guarantee¬†with us¬†.

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The laser printer prints strips

Also,¬†laser printers¬†or¬†multifunction laser printers¬†can print stripes.¬†The reasons for this are either in the toner cartridge used or in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe¬†image drum¬†,¬†transfer¬†unit¬†and¬†fuser unit¬†.¬†A streaky printout from a laser printer is usually no longer legible and therefore unsuitable for further use.¬†The¬†most important reasons¬†for a streaky printout are outlined below.

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The faulty toner cartridge

If the toner cartridge is almost empty , streaky prints may indicate this. In this case, you should check the toner level and replace the empty toner cartridge with a new one. But it can also be the case that the cartridge is still full. In this case, the fine toner powder may be clumped or pushed together inside the toner container . Therefore, carefully remove the toner cartridge from the laser printer and cover the toner outlet with a strip of scotch tape. You can then shake the cartridge vigorously without the toner powder leaking out. Then the powder is evenly distributed again and should enable a streak-free printout.

If you want to replace a new toner cartridge or all printing inks in color laser printers , you will also find original toner cartridges as well as inexpensive, compatible toner cartridges at Copiac .

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The image drum

The imaging drum can not only frequent operation wear out faster , but also pollute faster . Every time you print, some excess toner powder will stick to the drum surface . Although this is wiped off with a small wiper during the discharge process, it cannot be ruled out that stubborn powder will stick there. Fine toner dust can cause areas on the imaging drum to no longer function properly, resulting in streaky prints. If the print result continues to be poor even after cleaning the drum several times , you may have to replace the imaging drum.

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The fuser unit

In many cases, the fusing unit is also responsible for a streaky printout. With this, the fine toner powder is permanently bonded to the paper by the action of heat . For example, a pressure roller on the fusing unit is equipped with a heating coil . If this subsides over time, the toner powder can no longer be held properly on the paper .

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Incorrect printer settings

However, the solution is usually simpler. For example, if the laser printer is in the toner save mode , only minimal toner powder is used. The printout looks relatively pale in this case . You should therefore ensure that your laser printer is set up correctly and regularly make test prints in between .

Incidentally, here at Fair toner not only the appropriate toner to low prices , but can with us and the rest of spares and consumables , such as image drum, fuser, service kit and waste toner bottle order.


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