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Replacing the Toner in the Printer: What should you do to make sure the new toner is working properly?

Is your laser printer reporting that toner needs to be replaced? If you are new to installing a new toner, we have a wide range of instructions for you. We will advise you on what to do to ensure that the new toner is working properly.

It takes less than 5 minutes to replace the toner if you have toner on hand. Otherwise, you will have order a new toner. You can order easily on our website copiac.co.ke. We have toners for Kyocera, Canon, Konica Minolta Bizhub, HP, Samsung, Brother, Ricoh and many more major brands

The first time you buy toner for your printer, it may be helpful to assist you in choosing which toner to use . In addition to proper selection of the product for your printer, you can decide whether you it a t your original product should be or a cheaper alternative product. Learn more about the difference between originals and compatible toners.


How do I properly store toner?

You can make sure that the toner will work properly by storing it properly . It is important to keep the products in a dry and dark place at room temperature . 

Did you know that many types of toners have a melting point slightly above 40 ° C ? Be more careful when handling toner during the hot months.

Once you receive your new toner, store it in  a cool dry place.

Replace the toner in the printer step by step

1. Read the manual for your printer before starting the replacement.

If you can no longer find your operating instructions, then we can put you at ease. All printer manuals can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer of your device . In general, you only need to enter the model name of your printer – either is he on the printer itself or on your computer to find.

Since every printer is different and the position of the toner cartridges not only differs from brand to brand, a model of the model can often not be the universal guide that covers all possibilities. The correct handling of the toner cartridge can be found in the manual.

2. Turn off the printer

Make sure the printer is turned off . Most models are equipped with a colored light on the front. When the LED light goes out, the printer is switched off.

3. Remove the old toner cartridge from the printer

Remove the empty toner cartridge out of the printer and place it on a napkin or cloth to spots to avoid. How and where can you dispose of the empty toner? The empty toner cartridge is not in the household waste disposal. You can hand in the empty toners at electronic stores or at your city’s recycling center, for example . Empty original cartridges can, for example be sold to empty retailers . 

4. Remove the new toner from the package

After unpacking the new toner from the box and plastic bag, pay attention to its overall condition . Certainly no powder should leak from the cartridge, and in general no damage to the toner should be visible. Under no circumstances should you insert damaged toner into the printer. Doing so can cause the printer to malfunction. Send the defective toner back to the dealer for return.

The small amount of toner dust on the drum is not necessarily an indication that toner has been spilled. In production, the functionality is checked each toner cartridge, so that it may be in order is the remains of a test run of the new toner

5. Shake the toner

It is recommended that the new toner gently horizontally to pan . This ensures even powder distribution in the cartridge. If the toner powder is sprinkled on one side, which for example in incorrect storage in may occur vertical position, printing errors may occur. Vertical streaks on printouts are typical of this problem.

6. Remove the protective elements

Most manufacturers use toner cartridges to the cartridge against damage during shipping and handling to protect. The most common protective elements are:

  • Separation strip on the side of the cartridge
  • Chip cover
  • Protective paper on the imaging drum (if received)
  • Drum protective cover
  • Protective film

Use care when removing the toner from the plastic bag. Some toner cartridges do not have protective functions and can be easily damaged if improperly handled.

Handle the toner carefully whether you have removed the protective material from the toner or not. Touch under any circumstances, optical or magnetic drum (if any) or open the cap, in order from light to protect. The contact sweaty hands with exposed electronic toner chips can to cause malfunctions due to material corrosion.

7. Put the toner in the printer

Now comes the manual for the printer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the toner in the printer. It should be easy for the toner to get into the printer. Make sure the toner is properly seated before you continue with the test print .

8. Turn on the printer and print a test page

The device should not report an error when turning on the printer. The exception is no warning about low toner content that reports the printer when the toner cartridge is not installed properly. If everything in order to appear to be, print a test page . Not only do they check the print quality (whether the toner is damaged), they also make sure that your printer is ready the next time you print.


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