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The printer prints faint – what should I do?

Owners of inkjet or laser printers can expect the printout to be suddenly faded . With an inkjet printer , either the printer cartridges are causing problems or the print nozzles are clogged. If a color laser printer prints pale, this may be due to the toner or the imaging drum , among other things . However, this is partly due to an incorrect setting on the printer. Here are some steps you can take if your printer prints faintly.

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If the inkjet printer prints faint

If you find that your inkjet printer or multifunction printer only produces pale printouts, you should first check the possible printer settings. It is quite possible that the ink save mode is set. In this case, the inkjet printer uses little printing ink . In this case, there is often talk of design mode. Letters and graphics look very pale here. Of course, these printouts are not suitable for a presentation. You can change this setting with just a few clicks of the mouse:

  • Go to the Control Panel, then Devices and Printers
  • Right click on your printer
  • Use this to display the properties of your printer
  • You can change the print quality via the Quality tab

Note that higher print quality not only uses more printer ink , but also more printing time . However, a faint printout is not always due to the printer settings.

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Clean the printer cartridges

If your printer prints faint, you may¬†want to¬†check the¬†print¬†cartridges¬†.¬†In particular, the special¬†print heads¬†, i.e. the ink cartridges with integrated print nozzles, can get¬†dirty quickly¬†.¬†In that case, you’ll need to take these¬†out of your inkjet printer¬†.¬†Take a¬†kitchen towel¬†and carefully wipe the printhead over it.¬†There should be some discoloration on the paper.¬†A¬†lint-free cotton swab¬†is also helpful¬†.¬†After this¬†cleaning¬†, reinsert the relevant printer cartridge and carry out a¬†printhead¬†cleaning¬†.¬†Then have a test page printed out.

Ideally, you can then print again without any problems . Note that every time you clean the printhead, you use a certain amount of printer ink . You can determine the current ink level at any time via the printer display or the printer software. Fresh Printer way, you can here at Fair toner in both the original and the compatible ink cartridge Order .

Use different printer paper

In some cases the printer paper is also not optimal . Rough paper swallows a lot of ink and can lead to small color bleeding. Sometimes the printout can also look very pale. In this case, you should change the paper . For professional printing, it is better to use high-quality printer paper recommended by the printer manufacturer.

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Dried up printer cartridges

Not everyone prints with their inkjet printer on a regular basis. If you have not printed for a long time , the print nozzles or the printer cartridges may have dried out . In this case, too, you should first start with an automatic pressure nozzle cleaning . If this does not lead to the desired result, you can clean the nozzles manually .

In this case, take out the print cartridges and remove the print head. Encrustations on the nozzles can be softened and removed with a damp cloth . In addition to lukewarm water, you can also use cleaning alcohol . Leave the print head or the cartridge with print nozzles in this liquid for a long time. The cleaning process takes considerably longer here. When you then reinstall the printhead , you will find that the next printout looks a bit watered down. After cleaning the pressure nozzles again, the nozzles can become free again.

Such a cleaning action does not always lead to a better print image. In particular, if the nozzles are very heavily clogged , even the inkjet printer can sometimes become unusable . It is easier if only the printer cartridges are clogged. Many customers complain that their printer prints faint even though there is still enough ink. There are also printers that do not print properly even with new cartridges. It does not matter whether you use a Brother printer, HP printer, Canon printer, Epson printer or another brand manufacturer.

Printer cartridges are the quickest way to change . Here at Copiac you will find the right replacement inks for almost every inkjet printer. The advantage is that you not only have a 7-year guarantee on our consumables , but also a 365-day money-back guarantee .

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Printer prints every 2nd line faint

Today’s inkjet printers print¬†bidirectionally¬†.¬†This means that the¬†printhead prints in both directions¬†and thus achieves a faster printing speed.¬†However, depending on the printer cartridge used, dropouts may occur when moving the print head in the opposite direction.¬†The problem is that¬†the sequence of colors is changed with every change of direction¬†.¬†This can be recognized by a slight formation of stripes.

Particularly inexpensive non-name printer cartridges can also fail completely when changing direction , so that every 2nd line is printed out pale. You can try to correct this error by performing a nozzle test and nozzle cleaning . If you still have printing problems, you should replace the printer cartridges .

Again, we would like to refer to our originals and compatible printer cartridges, which have been extensively tested and ensure a first-class print result.¬†Our¬†compatible inks¬†don’t have to hide behind the originals.¬†They are¬†1: 1 identical¬†and have¬†high-quality pigment inks¬†.¬†These are of course also suitable for reliable, bidirectional printing.

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The laser printer prints faint

Even with laser printers and corresponding multifunction devices , documents or images can be printed out pale. Often this is because the toner cartridge is almost empty. There is not enough toner powder left to fill one page of print. In this case, query the toner level of your laser printer. It is easiest if you use a fresh toner cartridge .

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Choose the correct print resolution

If laser printers print too faintly, it is very possible that you have made an incorrect printer setting. There is, for example, the toner saving mode in which only a small amount of toner powder is provided for printing . Similar to the inkjet printer, you can use it to easily print out designs at low cost . Change the printer setting so that you can print in normal mode. In this case, the printouts should be shown in strong colors.

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Clean the laser printer

If your laser printer only prints pale colors, you should first remove the toner cartridge . Maybe the toner powder inside is clumped together . To be on the safe side, cover the toner outlet with a piece of tape and shake the toner cartridge vigorously . The fine toner powder should then be able to be transferred evenly to the image drum again.

Sometimes you have to clean the toner outlet on the cartridge with a lint-free cloth . Do not forget to clean the traction drive for the internal mixing shaft and the electronic contacts.

If your laser printer is still printing faint, then the imaging drum may be dirty. Most of the components can be removed. In particular, the imaging drum must not be exposed to sunlight for too long. You can wipe the surface with a soft cloth . This also completely eliminates the residual toner that has stuck to it . Under no circumstances should you use a sharp object to scrape powder off the drum. You can also buy new drums here at Copiac at affordable prices .

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Cheap noname toner cartridges

Unfortunately, there are numerous vendors who only sell you low-quality toner cartridges . These do not correspond to the desired DIN standards. Often the toner powder does not fit your laser printer. Perhaps the manufacturer used a powder that was too coarse and did not melt well.

Here at Copiac you will also find original toner cartridges as well as first-class, compatible toners for your laser printer . This not only enables professional printouts to be created, but also enormously minimizes overall printing costs .

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Other reasons if the laser printer prints faint

Similar to inkjet printers, printer paper can also cause problems. Use special printer paper that is precisely aligned with the laser printer. In many cases, recycled and coarse paper causes problems. On the other hand, there is also incompatible printer paper, which, for example, has a high moisture content so that the fuser unit cannot properly apply the toner to the paper. Please note that rough printer paper can very quickly transport dust particles into the interior of the printer. Soiling of the imaging drum cannot be ruled out. But also paper that is too smoothcannot be transported properly by the printer. The characters can even be applied incompletely here. 

If your laser printer or all-in-one prints faint, you should take the above measures . Some printers have a sophisticated, automatic cleaning mode . You should use this regularly so that you always achieve a strong and colorful expression. 


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