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In the different subject areas you will find different help, instructions, problem solutions, advice and answers to frequently asked questions.

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In the Copiac support area you will find instructions and problem solutions as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and useful assistance with valuable tips and tricks for working with a printer . Our support has been set up for interested printer users as well as customers and is available to you without prior registration. Here we offer you large and small solutions for many problems related to the use of printers.

Support for printers and printer supplies

We use our long-term market observations and experience with full conviction and are happy to pass on our know-how . In addition, Copiac attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and service quality. Correct use of printers and multifunctional devices poses complicated challenges for many people in the office or at home.

Not every user can operate or install a printer intuitively. Many users have problems, for example when changing the toner and changing the printer cartridges . We want to reduce these hurdles and make our contribution to user-friendliness.

Many printer problems can be dealt with by yourself with simple means and a few simple steps, which makes handling documents and printers easier.

General information on instructions and troubleshooting

The information gathered in the Copiac support area has been carefully researched. Many guides, such as the reset guides for different printer models, have been reviewed. We cannot accept any responsibility for the completeness and proper functioning of the information, instructions and tips provided. Databases can be faulty, just like editors can make mistakes. We strive to constantly update the information and content offered.  

The information contained in the Copiac online shop is not associated with any obligations or guarantees of any kind. We cannot accept any responsibility for the improper application or other use of the information offered.

Printers are complex technical devices, so as a layperson you should not carry out repairs yourself and, if in doubt, seek advice from a specialist. This ensures that your printer will soon be working as intended again.

If your device needs to be repaired, you can contact the device manufacturer, an authorized specialist or dealer directly. You can find addresses and contacts in the manuals and other documents of your printer. Tip: Many printer manufacturers offer an online portal with further information.

Please also note the following information:

  • Please handle your printer, copier, scanner or multifunctional device with great care and do not follow instructions if you are unsure
  • Find out about the warranty conditions for your devices so that you do not suffer any disadvantages due to a loss of warranty if handled incorrectly
  • Please note any existing contracts with service providers
  • Be sure to refer to the manual / operating instructions for your printer.¬†There you will find a lot of useful information and assistance
  • Disconnect your laser printer, inkjet printer or other device from the power supply and observe the information on live components in the manual
  • Capacitors on circuit boards inside the printer can still carry voltage for a long time and discharge slowly.¬†If necessary, please note the information in the manual.
  • Individual components inside a printer can sometimes get very hot.¬†Please let your device cool down for a while before you start a repair, for example
  • Water can damage the printer, for example when cleaning it
  • Take enough time and prepare the workplace.¬†Placing old newspapers under the printer can prevent contamination from toner powder or printer ink, for example
  • You should also plan enough time to change the toner or printer cartridges


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