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Solutions if the printer prints twice

Regardless of whether you use an inkjet printer, a laser printer or a corresponding multi-function device, it is quite possible that the printouts are duplicated. Duplicate images and letters are quite annoying, especially since printer paper is unnecessarily wasted. If you also print with your printer at home or in the office and discover that it prints twice, we would like to offer you the possible reasons and solutions here.

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Why is it when the laser printer prints twice?

If your laser printer or multifunction laser printer prints everything twice, this means not only higher paper consumption, but also higher toner consumption. There are several possibilities what it could be.

  • The paper is bad
  • The imaging drum is defective
  • The wrong printer settings are being used
  • The printer is dirty
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Use the correct printer paper

It is interesting that a laser printer¬†cannot automatically use every type of paper.¬†If sheets of different weights are placed in the printer’s paper drawer, the rubberized feed rollers will have a hard time feeding a sheet.¬†It often happens that the printer pulls in a¬†page¬†even though the¬†previous print page has not yet been output.¬†In particular, paper that¬†weighs more than 200 g / m¬≤¬†is often a problem and causes your printer to print twice.

You also run the risk of causing a paper jam. The types of paper that are prone to errors include very strong photo cardboard or extremely smooth, coated photo paper. These paper worries are difficult for the pick rollers to grasp. They usually get stuck on the imaging drum and can contaminate it. In some cases, individual sheets are not recorded correctly, which can lead to double printing. Solution:

  • Use only printer paper up to 200 g / m¬≤
  • Avoid sheets of different thicknesses in the paper cassette
  • Only use paper that is expressly specified for your printer
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A defective imaging drum can cause problems

The image drum is the heart of every laser printer. The electrostatically charged drum picks up the toner where the print image is later to be created. Most common home office laser printers are equipped with image drums that take up exactly half an A4 page. Therefore, two turns are required for one side. If the image drum has not been properly unloaded before the next page in the mass printing process, it is quite possible that two pages are printed twice.

With other drums, a small residual charge remains on one half of the drum. This can lead to ghost printing on the next page. In this case, half of a printed page is transferred twice to the next sheet. Solution:

  • Perform drum cleaning
  • Replace a defective or used imaging drum with a new one
  • The toner and printer paper may not match the drum

: If your laser printer prints twice because of an older image drum, you can¬†correct¬†the ghosting effect on the following print page under the¬†menu item¬†“Printer settings” and “Change contrast”.¬†If the¬†toner does not fit the drum, we would like to recommend our¬†original toner cartridges¬†and¬†compatible toner cartridges¬†here at Copiac.¬†These are¬†precisely aligned¬†with¬†your laser printer¬†and impress with their¬†first-class quality.¬†You¬†do not take any risks¬†with us, especially since¬†this does not affect¬†the¬†manufacturer’s¬†guarantee for your printer.¬†At the same time reduce¬†your printing costs enormously¬†with our compatible toner cartridges.¬†The same applies, by the way, to¬†new image drums, which we can also offer you for your laser printer at low prices.

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If your laser printer or multifunction printer prints twice, this can also be due to incorrect settings. Perhaps you would like to consciously print out a page twice and then only print your print jobs once. You forgot to change the number of prints from two to one in the print settings. All you have to do here is select the correct setting before printing. In this case, you do not have to deal with the technology of your printer.

But mistakes can also be made with the page settings. Always check the status of your printer software. In some cases, however, the print data is sent incorrectly. In this case you should first switch off your printer and start it up again after about 30 seconds. If this is not a network printer, the printer memory is deleted and can then be accessed again. After that, the laser printer should only print out one page as usual.

Another source of error can be an¬†outdated printer driver.¬†Go to the manufacturer’s¬†website of¬†your printer provider and download the¬†current printer driver there.¬†After you’ve installed this, your printer should work fine again.¬†Tip: To be on the safe side,¬†uninstall the old printer driver¬†before installing the new one.¬†This ensures that there are¬†no remnants¬†of¬†files from¬†the old driver on the hard drive.¬†With a new installation you will automatically receive a clean and, if possible, faulty driver installation.¬†In particularly serious cases, you can also remove your printer from the printer list¬†and reinstall it with the new driver.

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Cleaning the printer can help

Laser printers work with fine toner powder. This usually not only settles on the paper, but can also be distributed inside the laser printer. The toner cartridge may also be damaged, causing unwanted toner leakage. Check to see if the waste toner box is full. The transfer belt and the fuser unit can also be affected.

The internal components clean best with a lint-free cloth. You can also use a cotton swab to get to hard-to-reach places. Perhaps cleaning the printer like this can help prevent your device from printing twice.

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Return the laser printer to the manufacturer as part of the warranty

If none of the above tips help and your device continues to print twice, you should make use of your guarantee. Of course, this only applies if you still have a guarantee on your laser printer. Describe the problem to the manufacturer so that they can put the printer through its paces. In many cases, the manufacturer will send you a new device.

If the guarantee has expired, you have to consider how much the device is still worth. It is often not worth sending in an older laser printer for repair. You usually get a new device for this.

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Why is it when the inkjet printer prints twice?

Also, inkjet printers tend in some exceptions to this, twice to print. This can have the following causes:

  • Disturbing shadow pressure
  • Printing problems with black ink
  • Incorrect pressure setting
  • Incorrect printer control characters
  • Driver problem
  • Network connection faulty
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Why does the inkjet printer print shadows?

If shadow printing is mentioned, an inkjet printer or multifunctional inkjet printer prints all characters twice, in such a way that they are displayed offset by half a millimeter horizontally or vertically. The printed image naturally suffers from this. Solution:

  • Perform a printhead alignment or printhead alignment
  • Then print a test page
  • If the error cannot be rectified, the printhead may be damaged

: Some inkjet printers, such as models from HP, Lexmark and Canon, use real printheads instead of single-ink cartridges. These are combined printer cartridges that are equipped with print nozzles below. Even if these ink cartridges with nozzles are a bit more expensive than the conventional cartridges, they can be changed more easily in the event of printing problems. You will always receive new printheads after every change, so that the print quality does not deteriorate. If in the present case your inkjet printer prints shadows, then you should simply replace the printhead with a new one.

By the way, you can find these printheads cheaply here at Copiac. You have the option of not only ordering original cartridges, but also compatible printer cartridges. This can reduce printing costs.

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The inkjet printer often prints twice in black

It is interesting that with many printer models from different manufacturers, of all things, with the printing color black, the phenomenon occurs that double characters or lines are printed here. This printing problem is very common when the inkjet printer can use both small black printer cartridges and XXL cartridges. When the large cartridge is inserted, double-press is often used. Solution:

  • Remove the XXL cartridge and use a small printer cartridge
  • If the error persists, perform a head alignment
  • Replace the ink cartridges with new ones
  • If necessary, clean the index tape
  • Then print a test page

: The index tape is a narrow plastic strip that runs behind the moving printhead and is marked with a line. This tape is used to help the printhead use the line mark for proper positioning and alignment. Ink mist can contaminate this ribbon and cause printing to malfunction. You can clean the tape, which is usually difficult to access, with conventional kitchen paper and a little window cleaner. Then the printhead should work properly again and recognize the large XXL printer cartridge.

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Incorrect pressure setting

Of course, if your inkjet printer or multifunction device prints twice, it could be due to an incorrect print setting. If, for example, your Word document is printed in duplicate by the inkjet, even though you only need a single print, then you have probably entered 2 for the number of prints in the print settings. In this case, change the setting to 1 so that your printer really only prints out one page. This is arguably the easiest trick to avoid duplicating expressions.

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Avoid incorrect printer control characters

If you write texts with a word processor, it is possible that hidden printer control characters appear in your text. These are the so-called escape sequences. So by entering \ f there is the command for a form feed. A clumsy combination of different control characters can result in double printing, depending on the printer model used.

Solution: If possible, remove these special characters.¬†In some cases, you can use the printout to roughly locate when a double print is made.¬†You should therefore carefully examine these characters in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčyour document.

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Use the correct printer driver

In some cases your printer will print twice if an¬†outdated driver is installed on your PC system.¬†As with laser printers, you should always¬†download¬†and install¬†the¬†latest printer driver from the manufacturer’s website.¬†We recommend that you first¬†completely uninstall¬†the¬†old driver¬†to ensure that there are really no more residues on the hard drive.¬†If necessary, delete your printer from the device manager.¬†You can then reinstall the driver and printer.¬†In many cases this avoids the mistake of printing twice.

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Incorrect network connection

If an inkjet printer is integrated into a company network, many mistakes can be made due to an incorrect configuration. It is always problematic when several users access a printer together. The printer can print twice, even if only one copy is required. The first step should be to check the local printer settings.

Most network printers are connected to a PC via USB, but released for the network. Perhaps a double pressure was accidentally entered in the preferences. Then change it back to a simple print version. Also contact your system and network administrator. For example, many printers have problems when they are attached to a domain server.


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