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When you print under Windows , the print jobs are understandably sent to your printer . Sometimes it happens that the print job stops and the status is “On hold” . Then no more follow-up orders are possible . However, this phenomenon does not only occur with Windows . Such printer problems with error messages are also possible with other operating systems . The following guide is intended to provide brief help on how to solve this printer problem.

What to do if the printer has stopped

The following tips have proven themselves to ensure that the printer works flawlessly again:

  • Go to the printer menu item in the control panel
  • Double click on your current printer and open the queue
  • The message “Paused” appears at the bottom right
  • Now select the printer above and remove the checkmark “Stop printer”
  • Your printer should then be working properly again

If there is a driver problem with the printer and it has stopped the printer, then proceed as follows:

  • Go to the device manager via the control panel
  • Right click on your printer
  • In the window that opens, select “Update driver”
  • The current drivers can be obtained from the printer manufacturer’s website or from other trustworthy Internet portals
  • Of course, in order for the printer to communicate properly with your PC, it must be switched on and properly connected

A new installation in difficult cases

Errors in the printer are not always clearly traceable . Apparently every device here has a life of its own. Nevertheless, there are mostly technical errors behind it . A reliable solution is to uninstall your current printer . This will completely remove the device from the device manager of your operating system. After that, you should first get the latest printer drivers, and then install the printer again .

In contrast to many other hardware components, a printer is usually ready for use within a few minutes . You can also use the printer status to see whether it is working properly or whether a connection to your PC has been established.

What else could be the reason if the printer has paused?
In some cases, a paper jam can also cause your printer to stop working. In this case, of course , you should remove the paper jam . To be on the safe side, you can then switch off your printer once and disconnect it from the power supply for around 10 to 30 seconds. After a restart , most of the problems should be resolved.

It should not go unmentioned that printer problems can also occur due to faulty printer cartridges or incompatible printer accessories . Incidentally, this is usually also the case with laser printers with toner . Regardless of the different types of printer , it is of course annoying when it no longer prints. In addition to using the queue , you should also always pay attention to whether your printer is offline . With most models, the printer can be reactivated by simply turning it on again.

How can I release the printer again?
First of all, it depends on the operating system used . There may be some differences here , which are briefly presented below.

Printer paused in Windows 10
The procedure has already been largely explained above. Proceed as follows specifically for Windows 10 :

-Go to Settings from the main menu
-Then click Devices
-In the next window select “Printers & Scanners” on the left
-Now select your printer in the middle list and click on it
-You can open the queue there, manage the printer or even remove it
-Within the queue you can see in the menu whether there is a tick in front of “Stop printer”
-You have to remove the tick
-Also check whether there is still a tick next to “Use printer offline”
-You must also remove this tick

Your printer should then continue to print properly.

Printer paused in Windows 8
In Windows 8 you first have to move the mouse to a corner of the screen to open the charm bar . Then click again on “Settings” and “Change PC settings”. Under the menu item “PC and devices” you can not only add a new printer , but also manage existing printers .

If your printer no longer responds, you can also click directly on the search line with the magnifying glass and enter “printer” there. The system control and the device manager are called up . On the left, you can even see a scaled-down preview of your printer’s image. Here you need to right click on it. The queue is opened under “Show print jobs”. Here you can again choose from the menu entries known above, with which you can restart your printer .

Printer paused in Windows 7
The legendary Windows 7 still works without Charmbar . You can also open the printer queue here . All print jobs are listed there. It is often sufficient to delete the entire queue or all print jobs so that a paused printer can be restarted. Also pay attention to possible settings where you have to remove the check mark for “Stop printer” or “Use printer offline”.

The cumbersome way of deleting the print spooler and starting it up again will not be discussed here. Please note that not all commands can be used by you as a normal user . It is best to log on to Windows as an administrator . Then you have unrestricted access .

Printer paused on Mac
Unfortunately, Apple Macintosh owners also have problems with their printer. However, the Mac OS operating system is known and widely popular, particularly because of its ease of use. Assuming that the printer is connected, do the following:

-Call up the printer queue and click in the list on “Printer”
-You can remove the printer with the minus sign there
-In the next step you add this again
-To do this, go to “Printers & Devices” in the system settings
-The printer can be selected again using the plus symbol shown below
-The printer will then install itself
-A test print shows whether it is working properly again

In some cases it is advisable to reset the printing system . However, all previously made settings will be lost. However, this is a fairly reliable solution for restarting a paused printer.

-The relevant printer is selected by holding down the Ctrl key or by right-clicking in the printer queue
-There you will also find a context menu
-This is reset using the “Reset printer system” option and clicking on “OK”

After doing this, your printer on your Mac should work properly again.

Printer paused on Linux
In addition to Windows, Linux is also very popular as a modern operating system . It is an open system that offers a lot of freedom and can therefore also be put together individually. Of course, it can also happen here that your printer stops working under Linux. In some cases it is advisable to install additional free tools that are specifically tailored to this problem.

-Install the Synaptic tool and start it
-Enter the printer name in the search window
-The printer must now be selected in the list with the right mouse button
-The entry is confirmed, whereby it must be ensured that the option “Note for complete removal” is selected
-The deletion process is confirmed again with the “Apply” button
-After that, the print has been removed from Linux

To reinstall, do the following:

-The printer must be connected to your PC via USB and switched on
-Open the system settings and go via “Hardware” to the menu item “Printer”
-Click on “Add”
-You will find your printer under “Devices”
-Now you have to click on “Forward”
-The appropriate printer driver will now be suggested to you from a database
-Confirm the selection with “Apply”
-You can then print a test page




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