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Workaround if your printer pauses

Imagine that you have turned on your¬†printer¬†and you want to¬†print¬†a¬†document.¬†Even if the printer is properly connected to your PC,¬†printing simply won’t start.¬†This is particularly annoying if you have to print out one or the other document under time pressure.¬†This is not always a defect.¬†The print jobs are not output.¬†Instead of a printer error, your printer is taking an¬†unwanted pause.¬†Here’s what to do when your printer pauses.

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Why is your printer pausing?

It is interesting that almost every inkjet printer or laser printer has a pause mode. So it can happen that you have accidentally activated this pause mode without realizing it. For clarity, please switch to the printer queue. You can reach this via the lower task bar. You will usually see a small printer icon on the right-hand side. There, click twice on the symbol. A smaller window opens showing the printer queue.

Here you can see the not¬†yet printed print jobs listed in chronological order.¬†You can delete these print jobs if necessary.¬†You will also see the message “Stop printer” there.¬†Remove the checkmark there and click on ‚ÄúContinue‚ÄĚ.¬†After that, in most cases your¬†printer should continue printing without any problems.

In some cases, however, a paper jam can also cause this problem. First, remove all of the paper from the paper drawer. Also, open the other access doors on your printer to make sure that there are no torn pieces of paper. Small bits of paper may have stuck to the pinch rollers, causing a paper jam. Only when all remains have been carefully removed can the printer be refilled with new paper. The printer should then continue to print without any problems. If you need further tips you will find our help here:  Fixing a paper jam.

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When the printer pauses after every page

It’s annoying when the printer pauses after every page.¬†This error usually occurs when you are¬†scanning¬†large documents or graphics.¬†This is then a¬†multifunction printer¬†that you can use to¬†print, photocopy, and scan.¬†Large scans also¬†generate large amounts of data that¬†the¬†printer has to process first.

Note that most home office models don’t have that much printer memory.¬†Even with¬†PDF files¬†may result to a standstill.¬†If necessary, switch from a color display to black and white mode.¬†But you can also¬†reduce¬†the¬†scan quality, so that smaller amounts of data result.¬†This can prevent your printer from pausing.

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Empty consumables causing the printer to pause

When the printer cartridges in your inkjet printer or the toner in your laser printer are almost exhausted, the printer can stop and pause its operation. In this case, check the ink level of the printer cartridges and the fill level of the respective toner cartridge.

If you want to change them, you can order originals as well as compatible consumables at reasonable prices here at Copiac . These are designed to match your printer 100%. In a toner cartridge, it sometimes helps them expand to something shake and thus the contained loosen residual toner powder. This allows you to generate a few more print jobs before the cartridge has to be replaced.

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Printer pauses on Windows 10, 8 and 7

If you want to¬†correct¬†the¬†error message¬†“Printer paused”, you can proceed as follows:

  • Click on the Windows start button and switch to the control panel.
  • Go to Devices and Printers.
  • Your installed printer is displayed here.
  • Right click on your printer.
  • In the following context menu you will find the items “Open”, “Stop printer” and “Continue printing”.
  • Select the “Open” item.
  • You will be forwarded to the print queue, which lists all the pending print jobs.
  • Delete any print jobs that you no longer need.
  • Then click on ‚ÄúContinue‚ÄĚ.
  • If necessary, remove the check mark next to “Stop printer”.

After that, your printer should print as usual again. The above procedure is relevant for the Windows operating systems Windows 10, 8 and 7.
Note: Depending on the operating system, you may only be able to change the settings if you are logged in as an administrator. It is interesting that administrators can also intentionally pause printers. For example, certain printers in the network can be blocked for individual users. These then pause until the administrator releases the printer again. To do this, he must then remove the tick for the pause.

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Printer paused on a Mac

If you are using an Apple Macintosh, the printer can unintentionally pause there too. Proceed as follows:

  • Go to “Printers & Scanners” in System Preferences.
  • Here you will find the installed printers.
  • Call up the CUPS web interface via “ or http: // localhost: 631”.
  • Enter “cupsctl WebInterface = yes” via the terminal.
  • You can select the desired printer via the “Printers” tab.
  • This is also where you can find the printer’s list of activities and errors.
  • Click on “Administration” and then in the drop-down menu on “Set Allowed Users”.
  • You can now unlock or lock the printer.
  • If a printer is paused, it can also be forwarded to another printer using the “Move Job” button.
  • But there are also the buttons ‚ÄúJob Starts, Job Stops and Job Deletions‚ÄĚ.
  • If necessary, you can also reset the printing system via “Printers & Scanners”.
  • To do this, right-click in the printer list and select “Reset printing system …” in the context menu.
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Printer paused on Linux / Ubuntu

Instead of Windows, many use Linux as the operating system or the convenient Linux interface Ubuntu. It is interesting that Linux systems also use the CUPS printing system . This has been part of Apple since 2007, so the procedure is identical to a pausing printer on a Mac. However, so that the printer running under Ubuntu can be operated normally again, it must be entered in the so-called blacklist of top. Follow these steps:

  • Connect the printer to your PC.
  • Open a terminal.
  • Find the printer ID using “lsusb”.
  • Example: Bus 003 device 052: ID 04e8: 3292 Samsung‚Ķ ‚Äú.
  • Open a configuration file with a text editor.
  • Example: “sudo ‚Äďh pluma / etc / default / tlp”.
  • Look for ‚Äú# USB_BLACKLIST =‚ÄĚ in the file.
  • Remove the # sign and the numbers between the quotation marks.
  • Paste the printer ID there.
  • Example: “USB_BLACKLIST =” 04e8: 3292 “”.
  • Save the text file.
  • Restart your computer.
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Printer paused – according to printer manufacturers

The error message “Printer offline” or “Printer paused” has¬†to be handled¬†differently from manufacturer to manufacturer.¬†The most important solutions by printer manufacturer are briefly explained below.

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Printer paused on Brother Inkjet printers

If your¬†Brother Inkjet printer shows¬†the message “Printer paused or offline”, please do the following:

  • If the LC display is blank, the printer is probably switched off.
  • Turn on your printer.
  • If “Paper Jam” or “Ink Empty” appears on the display, you should remove the paper jam or, if necessary, insert a new ink cartridge.
  • Check that the USB cable to the computer is properly connected.
  • If you have a wireless printer, check the router’s wireless settings so that there is a connection between the computer and the printer.
  • Check the Control Panel to see if the printer has been set up as the default printer.
  • Under ‚ÄúDevices and Printers‚ÄĚ you can check whether the printer is offline.
  • Go to ‚ÄúShow all print jobs‚ÄĚ – ‚ÄúPrinter‚ÄĚ – ‚ÄúUse printer offline‚ÄĚ and remove the tick there.
  • Do the same when the printer pauses.
  • Then remove the check mark next to “Pause printing”.
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Printer pauses on HP inkjet printers

Also HP printer can pause. The following steps can help:

  • Go to the Windows start button and then to the control panel.
  • Go to Devices and Printers.
  • Now select your printer.
  • Look in the menu bar for “View” and “Details”.
  • This way you can check the printer status.
  • When the status appears ‚ÄúOn hold‚ÄĚ, right-click the printer icon.
  • Now select “Continue printing”.

After doing this, your HP printer should continue to print without any problems. This procedure is also common for many Epson and Canon printers.

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The peculiarities of the print breaks with a laser printer

Many users wonder why a laser printer outputs the pages without delay for text documents, but pauses in between for graphics and images. This is because laser printers are page printers that load the entire print image into their integrated memory beforehand. Reading in images understandably takes longer with a laser printer than with a page of text. After all, a lot of data has to be processed here.

However, the reason for this can also be that the laser printer only has very little memory. In this case, data may have to be swapped out on the hard drive. Here, too, there is a data jam and consequently printing pauses. Perhaps you are simply reducing the amount of data to be printed here. Instead of printing at 1200 dpi, try 600 dpi.

Otherwise there is still the possibility that the internal memory of a number of laser printers can also be increased later. However, this depends on the printer model used. An Ethernet connection instead of a USB connection can also provide a remedy. The data to be printed can be transported to the printer much faster via Ethernet.

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Printer paused – check printer queue

Most printing processes take place in several steps. As a rule, you send the print job via your software, such as Word or Excel. This data is sent as a data stream either directly to the printer or in a spooled file which is temporarily stored on the hard disk. The operating system and printer driver communicate between the PC and printer. The spooled data is then sent to the printer. With the help of the print queue you can check which print jobs are available and which are processed in sequence.

In the print queue you can delete or pause individual print jobs (here you will find further tips on the topic: Deleting a print queue). If the output is paused, your printer will not print either. If you are printing on a network, the print queue also shows you the users of the respective print file. If there is a user to pause clicked, this refers to the entire printer. You will need to turn off pause mode to continue printing.


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