Printer does not recognize toner

Printer does not recognize toner – what is the problem?

In many companies, but also in the home, laser printers and their multifunctional devices are reliably in use. However, every now and then you will need to install a new toner cartridge . Toner is one of the most important consumables in a laser printer.

Unfortunately, these printers may not recognize their new toner cartridges . In the following, we would like to give you some tips on how you can solve the problems if your printer does not recognize the toner correctly .

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The cause may be an incompatibility of the toner cartridge

Many toner cartridges look the same at first glance. Perhaps you bought the wrong toner cartridge in the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day work or you picked the wrong one from several replacement cartridges for different laser printers. Toner cartridges are precisely tailored to the respective laser printer . There are small differences in the size and also in the placement of the electronic contacts. If there is no match, then the printer cannot recognize the toner cartridge either.

Here at Copiac you will find the right original consumables and compatible models for almost every laser printer, inkjet printer and multifunctional device . For example, if you order our compatible toner cartridges, one hundred percent functionality is guaranteed. You receive a guarantee of up to 7 years on this . We also offer a 365-day money-back guarantee in the event that problems should arise. Therefore, when replacing, pay close attention to the information on the packaging. The product number, article number and OEN number are helpful .

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Remnants of the transport lock can impair detection

If you are installing a fresh toner cartridge , you should completely remove its packaging beforehand . On some models, the toner outlet is blocked by plastic protective rails . You must remove these before inserting. Others use adhesive strips to prevent accidental toner leakage. Note that these transport locks are useful because you have to shake a new cartridge vigorously before inserting it .

If your laser printer does not recognize the toner cartridge, there may still be foreign bodies or adhesive residue on it . This tip is also helpful for inkjet printer owners . Also printer cartridges are usually a feature such assurance that prevent immediate recognition of the cartridges. After you have removed all transport locks from your toner cartridge, the printer should be able to recognize them properly.

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Incorrect installation of the toner cartridge

If the printer does not recognize the toner, the toner cartridge may not be seated properly in the slot . Here every laser printer has a different recording technology . With simple monochrome laser printers, you only have to open a printer cover and insert the new cartridge from the side .

In color laser printers, the color toner cartridges are usually one behind the other in a drawer . There are also printers that use circular cartridges that slide in from the side . Toner cartridges are built so that the housing has lateral guide slots and recesses . This means that the cartridge can be used precisely . Although you should not use force when inserting it, make sure that each toner cartridge engages correctly in the slot . This is the only way to ensure safe contact and the printer to recognize the cartridge.

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Possible problems with the cartridge-in-cartridge system

With some laser printers, the toner cartridge is located in a cassette that also contains the image drum . If the printer does not recognize the toner, it may be that the toner cartridge is not properly engaged in the drum cartridge . You should also check whether the cartridge is in the correct position in relation to the developer and fuser unit. Only when all components are reliably and safely installed can optimal communication between the toner cartridge and printer occur.

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The printer does not recognize refilled cartridges – toner reset

As mentioned earlier, you don’t necessarily have to use genuine toner cartridges for your laser printer, but compatible ones as well . These are usually refilled models . Not every laser printer accepts these toner cartridges and refuses to print.

A so-called toner reset can help. This means that the detection of a fresh toner cartridge can be easily reset . In most cases, the printer will then recognize the refilled cartridge. You can find out how to carry out such a reset on the manufacturer’s website or in the manual .

To do this, you must first switch off the laser printer and wait about 30 seconds. This will completely erase the data in the printer memory. Then the printer is switched on again . Most printers run self-diagnostics when they are turned on. A new toner detection is also carried out here.

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The chip resetter can help

In rare cases, users refill the empty toner cartridges with fresh toner powder themselves . If you use a cartridge with a chip , this chip initially prevents further printing . This assumes that the toner cartridge is empty . Refilling it manually does not change the chip setting.

In stores you will find special chip resetters that can be used to reset the count or fill level display to zero. The toner cartridge with chip then assumes that it is virginally fresh again. It should not go unmentioned that the chip on a toner cartridge can also be defective . In this case, you have no choice but to get a new original cartridge or a compatible toner cartridge . You will find a sufficiently large selection here at Copiac .

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Dirt is the cause when the printer does not recognize the toner cartridge

Laser printers are primarily found in an office environment. However, some models are also in production areas . An underestimated problem is pollution , which means that the printer cannot recognize the toner . But even in conventional office operations, for example, the fine toner dust can settle on the contacts of the cartridge.

Likewise, the possible paper dust with inferior paper should not go unmentioned. This can contaminate the cartridge contacts or the electronic contacts for the chip. Take a lint-free rag or cotton swab and gently wipe the contacts with it . Distilled water is also helpful . You should absolutely avoid aggressive cleaning agents as they can destroy the electronics of the printer.

Be careful with the imaging drum as you clean it . This must not come into contact with water or sharp objects . If you take a cartridge out of the printer for cleaning, you should wait until the components are completely dry before inserting them.

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Do not change all color toner cartridges at the same time

One of the characteristics of color laser printers is that they do not recognize new toner if you replace all of the color toner cartridges at once . When inserting the cartridge, it can happen that one or the other cartridge is not properly seated in the slot, has become loose and is therefore not recognized by the printer. It is therefore better to change the toner cartridges one after the other . In between, you can have your printer check whether the cartridge that has just been inserted is recognized.

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When the color cartridges are swapped

Often there are problems with tone recognition with color laser printers . For example, if you accidentally insert the cyan cartridge into the slot of the magenta cartridge , many printers will refuse to operate .

Depending on the manufacturer and printer model, the chip also ensures that the wrong color is not recognized . You can easily prevent this mistake by carefully following the instructions for your printer . You will also find color markings in the toner compartment itself , which indicate the correct toner cartridge.

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The toner is not recognized after a firmware update

Many manufacturers offer regular firmware updates for their laser and inkjet printers . This is to keep the printer up to date with the latest software . However, such an update is not only used for software updates . A firmware update regularly changes the firmware date . It may well happen that both original cartridges and compatible cartridges are no longer recognized because they have a date of manufacture that is before the update date.

The printer therefore assumes that the cartridges have reached their expiration date . Printer manufacturers like to use this measure to slow down the suppliers of compatible toner cartridges . After all, they want you to only buy the more expensive originals.

Basically nothing changes when you install a firmware update . Your printer may not be able to print faster or better as a result. If you have a well-functioning laser printer and want to continue to use compatible and affordable toner cartridges without any worries, then you should prevent the automatic firmware update . Incidentally, the same problem occurs with many inkjet printers.

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Possible driver problems

Laser printers and multifunction devices require a printer driver to operate properly . During the initial installation under Windows 10, it automatically searches for a suitable printer driver. However, many laser printers are supplied with a software and driver CD . If you install the driver there, it is usually a bit older and not compatible with your operating system .

On the other hand, Windows in most cases only installs a universal printer driver with which only the most necessary functions are supported. In any case, an incorrect or older driver can lead to the toner cartridge not being correctly recognized . Ideally, visit the manufacturer’s website of the printer provider and download the latest printer driver for your laser printer from there. After that, it should also recognize the new cartridge without any problems.

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Accidental driver deactivation

The Windows operating system is constantly updated. After each update, numerous changes are made in the background that are not noticeable at first glance. After a Windows update , it can therefore be the case that suddenly the toner in the laser printer is no longer recognized .

The cause are the driver signatures , which Windows may remove or mark as obsolete after such an update. You can check the printer status through the device manager . If a driver has been deactivated, the printer is declared as not ready.

Here you have to activate or reinstall the current driver . After that, not only is the printer recognized again, but also the toner.

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The toner is not recognized after a long period of use

Modern laser printers and multifunction devices use toner cartridges, the chip of which is equipped with a counter . As soon as the maximum number of prints specified by the manufacturer is reached, the toner cartridge refuses to continue operating . The cartridge is either no longer recognized or reported as empty. In most cases, however, the toner cartridges are still sufficiently filled and therefore do not belong in the trash.

Under certain circumstances, the counter can be reset to zero with a resetter . The numerous forums on the Internet that deal with this problem are helpful. As a result, you can hardly estimate in advance when the printer will stop operating. This is quite annoying when you have to replace a full toner cartridge with a new one.

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Printer defective

If your laser printer does not recognize new toner, this does not necessarily have to be due to the cartridge. Unfortunately, are laser printers a natural wear subject and can be damaged over time. In order for your device to work properly, you should not only look for fresh toner cartridges , but also take care of the other consumables .

This includes the image drum, the fusing unit , the transfer belt and the waste toner box . Have your laser printer serviced and cleaned regularly . This increases the service life considerably . This means that there is less risk that your printer will no longer recognize its toner cartridges.


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