Printer does not recognize printer cartridges

Printer does not recognize printer cartridge

Inkjet printers are so powerful and fast today that in many companies these devices are now used as an alternative to a laser printer. These printers only need printer cartridges as consumables and are usually very low-maintenance. It always becomes problematic when the printer no longer recognizes its cartridges and issues an error message . This phenomenon often occurs after you have installed fresh print cartridges.

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Inkjet printers and their printer cartridges

Inkjet printers and multifunctional devices are equipped with different printer cartridges or printheads , depending on the manufacturer . As a rule, these are color printers , with a separate single ink cartridge being required for each printing color . In addition to the color black , there are also the printing inks cyan, magenta and yellow . The range of the ink cartridges ranges from a few hundred pages to a few thousand printed pages .

Understandably, you will need to replace these printer cartridges at regular intervals . Unfortunately, not all ink cartridges are recognized by the printer and rejected with an error message . This is even more annoying when you have installed new and full ink cartridges . The most common printer cartridge errors are briefly presented below.

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The wrong print cartridge

Many manufacturers use almost identical printer cartridges that hardly differ from one another from the outside. However, the EAN and OEM numbers can provide information about whether these cartridges are suitable for your printer. Please refer to the operating instructions for your inkjet printer to find out which cartridges you can use . The product number can also provide information about the printer cartridge used. Rotating numbers or letters can lead to incompatibility .

Here at Copiac you can get the original cartridges and compatible models for almost every inkjet printer at low prices . In our item description you will find all the important information about the accuracy of fit . We can even offer you a small preview image of the inkjet printer in question for you to check. In this way, wrong purchases are avoided .

If you have made a mistake, you can make use of our 365-day money-back guarantee . Of course, you do n’t take any risks when you buy our compatible printer cartridges . These are also precisely aligned with your printer and are therefore perfectly recognized by it .

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Cheap non-name cartridges are not recognized

The situation is different if you order cheap non -name printer cartridges that do not meet the required DIN standards . It may well be the case that these are not recognized by your printer. Depending on the manufacturer, for example, the cartridge dimensions were not precisely adhered to, the contacts were slightly offset or a faulty chip was installed.

Unfortunately, many providers can not send you these cartridges back . If you have bought several printer cartridges, you should try another one with the same ink. Maybe you are lucky and your printer will recognize the cartridge. Note that the price advantage with inferior printer cartridges is ultimately not worthwhile if it can be assumed that a certain proportion of the cartridges will not work properly . Instead, you should rely on high-quality originals or our compatible printer cartridges .

Install a new print cartridge properly

If your printer does not recognize a new cartridge, you will usually receive a notification about this . For example, this detection can display the message “You are using an incompatible cartridge”, “Printer cartridge not recognized” or “Faulty printer cartridge”. First take out the new print cartridge. Take a closer look at the print head and check the cartridge slot to see if it is dirty . Blow in there once hard so that the dust loosens from the contacts. Also take the instructions that are included in the packaging of the ink cartridge is located. Then insert the new cartridge into the free slot in the printhead. Make sure you choose the right compartment with the right printing ink . Mix-ups can also lead to print failures and malfunctions.

Printer cartridges are usually delivered sealed . Both the pressure equalization or ventilation openings and the ink outlet are provided with a narrow adhesive strip . These adhesive strips are held in the form of a flag so that you can easily pull it off . Usually you hear a slight hissing noise when you pull it off . The air flows into the ventilation opening. Only then is it ready to be inserted. When you insert a new ink cartridge into the printhead, you should hear it click into place . Therefore, pay attention to the clicking sound when you gently push the print cartridge into the slot. Only when the cartridge is properly engaged has it made contact with the chip .

If you have installed your new printer cartridge in the aforementioned manner, your inkjet printer should also recognize it without any problems . If there are still problems, then the ink cartridge is simply defective . The only thing that helps here is to replace it with another new model.

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Printer does not recognize cartridge – error may be in the printer

If you have taken everything into account and the fault cannot be found in the printer cartridge, then it may also be with the printer itself. In some cases, for example, older inkjet printers do not recognize new printer cartridges. So the manufacturers have changed their ink cartridges a little. Older devices also had no way of supporting printer cartridges with chips . Here you should weigh up whether it is worth switching to a modern inkjet printer .

At Copiac, we also offer working printer cartridges for older devices . As mentioned earlier, you should test multiple ink cartridges on your printer before disposing of it. At least then you can be certain that the problem lies with the printer. If your printer uses multiple color cartridges and only one of them is malfunctioning , you can assume that that ink cartridge is defective .

In some cases restarting the printer will help . Incidentally, this measure is helpful for many printer errors. You should also always make sure that you are using the latest drivers . Check the manufacturer’s website to see if there are new drivers for your inkjet printer. This will keep the printer up to date .

Some printers have problems with compatible printer cartridges . In some cases, you have to prepare the device specifically for these cartridges. To do this, it is not enough to restart the printer; you have to press a certain key combination . With such a reset , compatible cartridges can also be recognized by the printer. With some inkjet printers, the error message “Please insert original cartridge” appears when you install compatible printer cartridges. Depending on the make and model, you can skip this message and the new ink cartridges will still work . Most manufacturers want to avoid using cheap, compatible third-party cartridges.

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When Epson printer cartridges are not recognized

In rare cases, some Epson inkjet printers and multifunction devices do not recognize their printer cartridges. If a warning appears here, you can simply skip the message with the Ok or Next button. After that, printer cartridges from third-party suppliers will also be accepted and you can continue printing as usual. If you want to use a fresh cartridge, follow the instructions given by the printer exactly . The user manual is usually also helpful . If the new printer cartridge is not recognized, switch the device off for about 30 seconds and then on again. As a rule, compatible printer cartridges can then be used without any problems.

With the popular Epson WorkForce multifunction inkjet printer series, the printer wants to search for installed Epson printer software and Epson printers via the Internet after the initial setup . The reason for this is that Epson offers updates about it . These are automatic tests so that you are contacted and updated at regular intervals by the manufacturer, unnoticed. Sometimes this is also a firmware update . We will come back to the pitfalls later.

Epson would like to prevent the use of compatible printer cartridges. Since the manufacturers of compatible printer cartridges always have to update their chipsets so that they can be recognized by the Epson inkjet printer, the manufacturer tries to update its chips more quickly with firmware updates . This means that even relatively new cartridges are no longer recognized by the printer . Even originals with older chips can no longer be used. This shows how fiercely competitive the business with printer cartridges is and the manufacturers are using all means to defend themselves against third-party suppliers of cheaper printer cartridges.

If you still use compatible ink cartridges in your WorkForce, the printer will recognize them and inform you on the printer display that you are not using any originals . A warning message informs you about the advantages of the original cartridges. “Continue printing?” Is usually below this warning message. If you click on “Cancel”, compatible printer cartridges will be blocked from now on . Therefore, always click on “Continue”. You can also find Epson printer cartridges in our shop.

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The special features of Brother ink cartridges

If your Brother inkjet printer does not recognize original printer cartridges or compatible models, switch the printer off for a short time . When you switch on the Brother inkjet printer, it shows you the level of the individual ink cartridges . It is also reported here whether an ink cartridge is missing .

Brother usually does not have a chip on the cartridge . Instead, there must be a small float inside with which the fill level can be checked. The level is determined in the printer via a light barrier. If, for example, this float is missing in a compatible cartridge, the Brother inkjet printer will not recognize the cartridge or will consider it empty. In some cases, you may need to shake the new ink cartridge vigorously before installing it . Of course, we also have Brother printer cartridges in our range for you.

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When the printhead has dried out

Inkjet printers have a filigree print head with numerous print nozzles . The ink is sprayed drop by drop onto the printer paper. If the device is not used for a long time, the pressure nozzles can become clogged .

In the worst case, the nozzles are clogged. The nozzles can be cleaned again with the aid of the printhead cleaning. If the nozzles are clogged, the printer will not print properly . Although there is no message about unrecognized printer cartridges, this defect also leads to a print failure .

The print heads also include the printer cartridges used by HP and Lexmark, with the print nozzles on the underside. If these nozzles are clogged, all you have to do is replace this printer cartridge with a new one . After that, your printer should continue printing without any problems. HP printer cartridges and Lexmark printer cartridges can also be found here at Copiac.

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Pay attention to the pitfalls of the printer manufacturer

Nowadays firmware updates are offered for almost all digital end devices . For example, HP also offers such an update for its aging printers. Note that this is not about the actual driver , but about a serious intrusion into the hardware of your inkjet printer . Under no circumstances should you update the firmware of your inkjet printer.

If your printer has been working properly so far, nothing can be improved with such an update . It is a problem of the printer manufacturer . At HP, the original printheads or ink cartridges have an encrypted date of manufacture . This date is also stored in the chips of the respective cartridge. If you now carry out a firmware update , the internal date is updated to such an extent that older printer cartridges are no longer accepted . The printer therefore simply rejects older but still good printer cartridges. The reason for this is, among other things, that the compatible ink cartridges fall through the grid and the Acceptance is refused . So avoid such an update.


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