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Print resolution: why is it important for high quality prints?

Print resolution: why is it important for high quality prints?

Whenever a new printer is installed, the question of the right model arises.¬†Which printing do you need?¬†Which one is best?¬†Should the printer be cheap or should it have to meet special criteria?¬†A common criterion by which a printer is measured is its print resolution.¬†The higher this is, the better the printer.¬†But what exactly does the print resolution say?¬†What do the different values ‚Äč‚Äčmean and what is the print resolution important for?¬†This question remains a mystery to many people.¬†In the following text, the topic will therefore be discussed in more detail and the print resolution explained.

What exactly is the ‚ÄúPrint Resolution‚ÄĚ?¬†What does this say?

The printer’s resolution is a measure by which the sharpness of the print is determined.¬†Therefore, one should be careful when¬†buying¬†a new¬†printer would like to.¬†The higher the resolution of the printer, the sharper images you can print with it.¬†Most printers specify the resolution in “dpi”.¬†This stands for “dots per inch”, i.e. the printed dots per inch.¬†Other, but rather rare, dimensions are “lpi”, ie “lines per inch” or “ppi”, which stands for “pixels per inch”.¬†A higher value always stands for a higher resolution, while a lower value stands for a lower resolution.¬†A printer with 700 dpi prints with a higher resolution than one with 400 dpi.¬†A resolution in a printer can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical.¬†A symmetrical resolution is always used when the printer has the same resolution in the longitudinal and transverse axes.¬†In this case, the quality is indicated by only one value.

When is resolution particularly important and why?

The resolution of a printer is always particularly important when it comes to printing pictures or, above all, photos. Printers with poor resolution print images only blurred or pixelated. For this reason, photo printers always have a high resolution, even if there are of course differences here as well. Special photo printers are particularly expensive, which is mainly due to their special and very high resolution. They are able to print photos on photo paper, which then no longer have any difference to photos that are processed in the photo shop. Outside of photo printing, however, resolution usually plays a less important role and can be neglected.

What should you look for in terms of resolution when buying a new printer?

As you can see above, the resolution of the printer is especially important for photo and poster prints. So you should think about what you want to do with the printer and what exactly you are expecting beforehand. If, for example, you are looking for a simple printer for your home that should print out documents and maybe a photo every now and then, then a normal print resolution is the usual inkjet printer and laser printing completely sufficient. The texts and documents are displayed very well even at low resolution. However, if you plan to print your photos regularly or use the printer professionally, for example for graphic design, etc., then a high resolution is extremely important in order to achieve the desired result. In addition to the resolution, the right printer accessories in the form of high-quality printer inks or printer cartridges and toner , which are available in our online shop for almost all printer models, are also important. The exact resolution and the model then depend on the desired application.

The resolution in dpi can be easily calculated using the following formula:
dpi = (horizontal number of pixels in the photo x 2.54) / width of the photo

Our conclusion

Choosing the right printer with the right resolution is not as easy as it might seem at first glance and, above all, depends on what you want to print with the printer later. In any case, the general rule is that a higher resolution is always better. Therefore, when buying a new device that is offered particularly cheaply, you should take a critical look at the technical details and especially the print resolution so that you are not disappointed afterwards.

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