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There are all sorts of cartridges with all sorts of names on the printer market. You can guess what “original cartridges” are. But what do you mean by “compatible” printer cartridges ? And is it the same as “re-manufactured” cartridges?

We at Copiac bring light into the confusion of names for you. We tell you what compatible printer cartridges are and what they (do not) offer you. You will also find out which printers you can buy compatible products for and whether the printer manufacturer’s warranty is still valid.

At the same time, we explain to you why our shop only has recycled original cartridges (in addition to original printer cartridges): Refill ink cartridges or rebuilt toner for printers of all well-known brands such as Epson or HP . Our Copiac Compatible Toners combine environmental protection with fair prices and high quality.


What are compatible printer cartridges?

“Compatible” means “matching”. And what should ink and toner cartridges go with? Right: with the printer in which you are sitting. However, this cannot be taken for granted with compatible cartridges because they have been copied. But from the beginning …
There are basically three different types of cartridges: original, compatible and re-manufactured printer cartridges.
Original ink cartridges (and toner cartridges) come directly from the manufacturer of your inkjet printer (or laser printer): Here your device gets original cartridges (“cartridges”) that are filled with original ink (or toner).
Compatible ink cartridges are newly produced: Third-party manufacturers copy original printer cartridges and fill them with ink. These third-party cartridges are called “compatible” because they can be used in printers even though they are not an original product. So there are alternatives.
Reconditioned ink cartridges are also called “recycled cartridges” or ” refill cartridges “: Original cartridges are cleaned, reconditioned and refilled with printer ink . These products are the best alternatives.
All three types of printer cartridges are available with ink for inkjet printers as well as with toner for laser printers – and that as black as well as color cartridges for all colors.
Attention: Reconditioned and compatible printer cartridges are often sheared over a comb for printer accessories – this is wrong! Both are alternatives to original ink cartridges, yes. But with compatible cartridges you get replica cartridges, with recycled variants you get original cartridges. There are key differences in these consumables.

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How good are compatible cartridges?

Compatible printer cartridges, whether filled with ink or toner , are not identical to their original siblings. Manufacturers of third-party cartridges cannot exactly imitate the cartridges of the original manufacturers down to the last detail, as they have to observe their patents and designs.
The fact that compatible cartridges are copied has advantages and disadvantages …

Benefits of compatible printer cartridges
Let’s start with the sunny side of the compatibles, one of which is the price.
Low price: Compatible printer cartridges are usually (significantly) cheaper than products from original manufacturers. Because third-party manufacturers do not recycle original cartridges, but build them more cheaply, thus saving costs.
Coverage: Compatible cartridges sometimes produce more prints with an ink tank than original cartridges. The reason: If third-party manufacturers reproduce original ink cartridges, they can make the tank larger. This allows him to hold more ink and print on more paper.
Environmental protection: Compatible printer cartridges can generally be refilled with ink – while original cartridges are usually disposable. Not intended for refilling, they go straight to the garbage and thus pollute the environment.
Less packaging: Many compatibles can do without the sometimes complex packaging of original ink cartridges. An environmentally damaging factor that, among other things, should lead you as a customer to believe that you have a larger ink tank. And by decimating it, third-party manufacturers save additional money.
Known handling: Compatible printer cartridges generally work similarly or in the same way as original consumables.

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Disadvantages of compatible printer cartridges

So much for the advantages of compatible ink cartridges (which, by the way, also apply to toner cartridges). However, they also have downsides:
No original chip : Almost all original printer cartridges today have a small chip that ensures communication between the cartridge and the printer. It is difficult to reproduce this cartridge chip 1: 1 for compatible third-party cartridges .
Usage problems : If the replica chip differs from the original, the cartridge and printer cannot communicate properly, which causes annoying problems when using it. We’ll explain this to you in more detail in the next section!
Inferior print quality: The print results from compatible ink cartridges are often less good, which is partly due to the fact that the quality of the foreign ink is not always the best – see the next but one chapter. Spoiler: Due to the many poor printing results, these cartridges often do not save you any money compared to using re-manufactured or new original cartridges.

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What does the chip do on compatible cartridges (other than problems)?

Small chips are generally found on original cartridges today. You can find them on ink cartridges for inkjet printers as well as on toner for laser printers, from almost all manufacturers.
The chips should enable a smooth use of the printer cartridge. First, they provide the printer with information about the cartridge, e.g. B. what color is in it. Second, the chips tell the device how much ink the cartridge is gifted with. This is how your printer knows whether an ink cartridge is right for it and when it is running low. If it doesn’t fit or if it’s empty, your device will go on strike.
Without a cartridge chip, no cartridge is used. This means that when a company replicates a cartridge, it also has to replicate the chip – which is not that easy and therefore does not always work. In this case, the compatible print cartridge is causing difficulty … or preventing it.
One problem: the compatible cartridge is not correctly recognized by the printer . It can happen that the printer driver reprimands you with an error message that you have not inserted an original ink cartridge. If you come across such a message, try to clear it by pressing the OK button and thus motivate your device to continue working.
Another disadvantage: the ink level indicator does not work (correctly). The chip is supposed to monitor the ink level, but if its compatible imitation is not good enough, it cannot do its job.
A third problem with compatible printer cartridges is firmware updates . Some printer manufacturers publish updates for their software, some of which mean that alternative cartridges can no longer be used in their devices.
PS: For our Copiac Compatible Toners , we reset the chips from original printer cartridges or replace them with compatible chips, which is why they generally work without any problems. 🙂

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What ink goes in compatible cartridges?

Printer ink is filled into cartridges. The printer ink in compatible cartridges is (sometimes very different) from the ink in original printer cartridges. Original ink cannot simply be imitated because its manufacturers keep the composition strictly secret – and because it consists of dozens of different components. The two common types of inks, i.e. dye-based and pigment inks, contain not only ultrapure water but also additives and antibacterial substances. There are also dyes in dye inks and colored pigments in pigmented inks.
In order to achieve low prices, manufacturers of third-party inks try to reduce the color particles: just a few percent can significantly reduce production costs. However, this is reflected in the print quality: Compatible cartridges with low-quality ink can be exposed, for example, through poorer color fidelity, UV resistance and adhesion. Sharp text printing and brilliant photo printing ? Adieu!
Psst: Our Copiac Compatible Toners only contain high-quality, certified and compatible refill ink. We don’t buy them from a regular ink manufacturer such as KMP or JetTec, but have them made especially for us. As a result, their quality is absolutely comparable to that of the original ink. Sharp print image? Of course!

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Are there compatible printer cartridges for all printers?

No. While there are many manufacturers of compatible printer cartridges, not all of them make suitable cartridges for every printer. No wonder, there are tons of manufacturers and models today such as Epson Workforce, HP PhotoSmart, Canon CLI or PGI, Lexmark MS, Brother MFC and, and, and …
With brand new printer cartridges in particular, it takes a while for third-party manufacturers to analyze the original and develop a compatible product that printers want to work with. The chip technology , which has to be laboriously reproduced in order to enable use, is a particular challenge .
There is another limitation with print head cartridges : they cannot be copied at all. With this type of cartridge, the printhead is integrated into the cartridge – while cartridges otherwise do not need a printhead because it is inserted in the printer. Conversely, this means that if you have a compatible cartridge in hand, it is one without an integrated printhead. And: If you have an alternative print head cartridge in hand, it is a recycled one – such as a SUPER CARTRIDGE for Canon Pixma, HP DeskJet or HP OfficeJet.

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Do I lose the manufacturer’s guarantee with compatible goods?

No. Many buyers believe that they can only keep the manufacturer’s warranty on their inkjet printer if they use genuine printer cartridges – and thus pay high prices. But the all-clear: The guarantee is not lost , neither with compatible nor refilled cartridges from third-party suppliers!
Much false information has been circulating on this subject for years. One of the reasons for this is that printer manufacturers, of course, want to sell their own cartridges. If a supplier, service employee or technician asks you unpleasant questions, it is best to refer to the Consumer Protection Act : This stipulates that printer manufacturers may recommend buying their own products, but not force them.
Ink cartridges rarely cause printer damage, and it can happen to you with both original and alternative cartridges. Most of the time, the problems are due to improper replacement of the cartridge.
This is why the following applies to all cartridge types and printer models: Take your printer’s manual to heart, especially before replacing the cartridge, and read how to change the black or color cartridge exactly in order to avoid errors.

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What Are the Best Compatible Printer Cartridges?

Many consumers ask that. And you will probably continue to ask yourself, because so far there have been no independent tests of all alternative printer cartridges and therefore no clear answer.
However, we at Copiac are convinced: Recycled original cartridges are the best type of cartridge, whether they have been refilled with ink or with toner. Which brings us to the last point …

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Where can I buy compatible printer cartridges?

By using compatible toners, there are benefits to nature as well as your wallet . Our compatible cartridges offer you the same quality of the print results as original products, because they are checked, prepared and carefully made.
So you can switch from expensive original cartridges to our compatible cartridges for little money without worrying. Just have a look at our shop and find the right cheap black or color cartridge for your printer. For all those who print a lot and want to save a lot, we have cartridges with XL capacity on offer. You will not notice the difference between our Copiac Compatible Toners and original cartridges in the quality, but only – positively – in the price!

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