Ricoh MP 2851 photocopier


Ricoh MP 2851 photocopier

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Ricoh MP 2851 Digital Black & White Photocopier

The Ricoh MP 2851 photocopier can print, copy, colour scan, fax, distribute and finish. And these all-in-one products do it fast with up to 28 pages per minute. Business efficiency is increased and user-friendliness improved with Ricoh’s new App2Me software platform. Personalise your interaction with the MFP by using downloadable Widgets. Doing everything with one device and saving time and costs have never been so easy.

  • Productive: 28 to 50 pages per minute.
  • Efficient: applications for personalised settings.
  • Time-saving: (colour) scan and distribute in a single step.
  • Professional: finishers, Super G3/IP fax, IPDS/Postscript®3™ options.
  • Secure and flexible: data protection and handling of various media types.
  • Model: MP 2851

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Photocopier anatomy

1) Paper Cassette
2) Paper Feed
3) Registration Roller
4) Exposure Lamp
5) Photoconductive Drum
6) Charge Corona
7) Toner Unit
8) Transfer Corona
9) Fuser Unit
10) Cleaning Unit
11) Paper Transport
12) Paper Tray
13) Drum unit
14) Power Supply


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